And Then The World Ended

Power Overwhelming

Strategic advance to the rear!

The party fled from the Ancient Black Dragon that was in the process of being crystalized, but soon realized they were not being pursued. After locating the recently slain young black dragon’s small treasure hoard, they tried to exit the dwarven ruins and were set upon by another strange crystal creature and a pair of small dragons. After defeating them, the party made all haste to Whistledown to organize an evacuation via airship to the safety offered by Ruch. The evacuation plans were interrupted by a small force of Half-Dragons, but the party vanquished those in turn. All the gnomes were loaded onto a pair of airships and they took to the sky, but had to swing wide around the mountain as the Ancient Black Dragon had dragged itself out of its hiding place and onto the side of the mountain, along with a great swarm of its offspring.

The Ancient Black Dragon sent many of its (uncrystalized) offspring after the fleeing airships, forcing the party to man what meager weaponry the ships had to repel the waves of attacks. Despite a troubled start where Hazarex was briefly transformed into a wolf, the party brought down all the dragons that attacked the airships. No further pursuit followed, so several hours later in the early morning the inhabitants of Whistledown landed safely in Ruch.

The party immediately sought out the tiefling sisters and requested that Princess Faila come to them so they could all be informed of the that a Crystallized Ancient Black Dragon portended. Akta speculated that the reason the Crystalline Devil would corrupt the dragon was to gain enough power to kill Wee Jas and the Raven Queen in order to break the time loop cycle that was enabling the group to work against the crystal creatures’ designs. The party was quick to realize that the nearest portal large enough to accommodate a creature of the dragon’s size is the city gates of Ruch, making the dragon’s next point of attack likely to be the city of Ruch.

Akta had some good news, though. She had discovered an analog to the dark power that the King of Highgore had infected them with; a glorious golden power wrought of their own reality, so therefore safe to use. The power was easily bestowed on everyone by a brief ritual. This only left the problem of the sheer might of an Ancient Black Dragon. Here the Princess Faila came through. She offered to let the group pilot the Royal Family’s giant constructs if they were able to modify the mechs to be able to amplify the new golden power. Widget and Akta were then taken to the Royal Artificers’ Guild to work on this problem, and the rest of the party left to their own devices.


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