And Then The World Ended

A Glimpse of a Foe

The party returned to Ruch in time to reclaim their book from Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers and to watch the end of the world from the top of a tower in the royal palace. As the sun neared the horizon they watched through telescopes as the collapsing ground broke towards them from the direction in which the kingdom of Highgore lay.

When the party fell into the river of souls they grilled the Emissary of the Raven Queen on the possibility of other people being send through time loops. The Emissary was only able to tell them that it was something another deity might be able to accomplish if they too were able to draw power from some aspect surrounding the nature of the end of the world, such as how the Raven Queen was able to due to the domain of death being part of her nature.

The party once again stepped through the archway behind the waterfall of souls and returned to three days in the past. They delivered letters to Princess Faila and Bookface to secure their aid, then had Bookface establish a gateway to the rune-marked location that Badgergeist’s Dripping Grimoire volume 4 showed as nearest to Malington, the capitol city of Highgore. Stepping through this archway brought the party to an underground chamber being excavated Highgore forces. The party was able to fight their way to the surface, but before they could overcome the final soldiers that stood between them and freedom, they were attacked by a new foe.

A crystalline creature ripped itself free of the ground and slaughtered the last Highgore soldier before turning on the party. Much to their dismay, all the attacks the party could level against this monster were ineffective at best or caused it to slowly grow in size at worst. The party was rescued by the arrival of two preposterously burly men that, through sheer bludgeoning strength, were able to knock the crystalline creature through a wall, giving them all enough time to escape as the creature turned from them to attack more Highgore soldiers that the party had avoided fighting underground.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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