And Then The World Ended

Evil's New Goals

In the river of souls the party questioned the Emissary of the Raven Queen about two topics; the Rieta and Akta’s time looping thanks to Wee Jas, and the method by which the Raven Queen is able to send them back in time. They learned that in order to send them back in time the Raven Queen has to essentially die, and that it is likely the same for Wee Jas and the tiefling sisters. They then emerge back into the past at the ruins above the Horned Gap and find that the tiefling sisters did the same to meet up with them and the sisters have news from their Emissary. When they are sent back in time, their aging reverses. This essentially gives them an eternity to find a solution to the problem as long as they play their cards right.

The group then made their way down to the Horned Gap to find Princess Faila, and then up to the castle in an attempt to locate Bookface. Unfortunately, no one is able to find Bookface when they are sent looking for him, giving more weight to the fears that the Crystal Creatures have somehow taken him. The group is then notified that there are gnomes other that Bookface who are looking for them. They are introduced to Rintinbimbligin (aka Namfoodle) and Ticker (aka Ellywick) Nackle, a married couple from Widget and Glimtoggle’s home hovel, Whistledown, who taught Widget about tinkering! The Nackles informed the group that after Oaktown fell to Highgore forces many years back, the hovel population decided to move to a more remote location. They ended up in the foothills of a mountainous region near some old dwarf ruins. Everything had been fine for them until three days prior (6 days before the world ends) when a glinting light was seen at the dwarf ruins and black dragon activity in the region suddenly went off the charts. Scared for the hovel’s safety, the Nackles flew their airship to Ruch to look for help.

The party left Rieta and Akta behind in Ruch (the sisters wanted to go through Bookface’s research) to fly to Whistledown and investigate. Shortly after arriving, the hovel was attacked by dwarf skeletons that had been fully encrusted with crystals, confirming the fears that the Crystal Creatures were behind the trouble in Whistledown. When the party then traveled up to the dwarf ruins, Aderyn recognized the site as from an old hill dwarf legend where an ancient black dragon’s control over a greedy dwarf king eventually led to a civil war. Despite fears that the ancient dragon survived the war, the party explored the ruined underground passageways and found traces of crystal on the ground and younger black dragons that had been party crystalized. This lead them to a huge, hollowed out pit filled with gold and an enormous ancient dragon with the Crystaline Devil attached to its forehead, seemingly spreading crystal across the dragon’s face.

The ancient dragon then raised its head and let out a bellowing roar. The party, wisely, decided to cheese it.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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