And Then The World Ended

And then the world ended
Session 1 summary

Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers requested the party travel to the Warlock’s Coven Collegiate Institute of Higher Summoning to retrieve Badgergeist’s Dripping Grimoire volume 4. They were sent to the Horned Gap with a sealed note from Fonkin to speak to Princess Faila to get permission to retrieve the book.

Though they were ambushed on the way, the players arrived around nightfall and spoke with Princess Faila. She said that the imminent battle would prevent them from seeking the book at that moment, and then indeed the Highgore forces attacked.

The players were engaged in fighting a battle with Highgore troops when the sun fully set and the world fell apart around them. They splashed down into a river of souls (about a foot and a half deep) where they were hailed by a creature upstream of them that identified itself as the Emissary of the Raven Queen.

A vaguely defined world

The world spent over three centuries in peace. Prosperity and cooperation between the races and nations had been maintained through diplomatic ties centered around the city-state of Ruch. The small kingdom of men lead by example in philosophy and science. Ambassadors and Artificers alike gathered within the city’s grand walls, and brought with them a flourishing of ideas that saw all races grow in unrivaled stability.

Fifteen years ago Garrosh, the Prince of Highgore kingdom attempted a horrific assassination during the Tricentennial festivals where leaders from nearly every kingdom had gathered in celebration. The prince attacked the city with a force of enormous aberrant creatures, but was defeated by the royal family of Ruch’s giant artificery constructs and a group of heroes magically grown in size.

With its prince dead, the kingdom of Highgore sealed its borders. Rumors of brutality and dark magic sometimes escaped with the occasional refugee, but no one was able to confirm those claims. The world continued on, a slightly brighter place now that Highgore was no longer encouraging the more warlike races and kingdoms. The city-state of Ruch continued to serve as a political hub for the world.

The days of peace have ended. Two years ago horrific armies burst out from Highgore’s borders to ravage the lands. The dark kingdom’s forces had been melded with aberrant horrors, the bodies of their soldiers twisted it ways that put them well beyond the strength of a normal man. This dark army advanced erratically; it often diverted its forces to capture locations of no military value, but it always advanced towards Ruch.

Now those armies stand less than a day’s march from the gates of Ruch. The only thing between the city-state and annihilation is a rallying of troops from Ruch and its allies. Constructs of artificery and soldiers of many nations now stare down an army of monsters that is reinforced by aberrant horrors.

Your characters make up a new “special skills” unit, one of many made up of diverse people that are often used for tasks ranging from diplomatic envoys to literal fire fights. You are to roll level 1 characters of any playable class in 5th Edition D&D. While there is no restriction on race or alignment, be mindful of the fact that your character is supposed to be in the employ of a tolerant and diplomatic alliance of nations, and will be expected to be able to function as part of a team in political situations as well as in combat.


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