And Then The World Ended

Searching for a New Direction

The party, along with the tiefling sisters, returned to the ruins near Ruch through a linked portal carved by the King of Highgore and were immediately set upon by Crystal Golems that burst through the portal after them. Using the new power granted to them by the King of Highgore, the Crystal Golems were struck down and a sample was harvested for Bookface to study. The group then returned to the city and explained what had happened to Princess Faila and Bookface. Bookface and Akta retired to his lab to study the materials given to them by the King of Highgore and the crystal sample the party had harvested while Rieta and the party were left to their own devices.

Early in the morning of the third day, Rieta found the party. She was wounded and Akta was unconscious and nearly dead. Something had torn Bookface’s lab apart, nearly killing Akta and wounding Rieta when she arrived to rescue her sister, but fled when it discovered that Rieta could injure it by using the power from the King of Highgore. Rieta described a crystal creature much more lithe and seemingly intelligent than the Crystal Golems encountered thus far. And to top it off, Bookface is missing. The party tracked the creature from Bookface’s lab to the Royal Artificer’s Guild, the organization that builds and repairs the royal family’s giant artificery constructs.

In the Royal Artificer’s Guild, the party tracks the creature to the R&D lab, fighting many constructs that have been infected by the crystal creature’s controlling power, overcoming them using the dark power that the King of Highgore granted them, and eventually engaging the creature on the scaffolding built around a new prototype giant construct that the creature was trying to break into. Before the battle could reach a conclusion, the world shattered to pieces around them, dissolving into the frothy water in of the river of souls. The crystal creature fell away from the party and was lost in the darkness. The party splashed down into the water and found the Emissary of the Raven Queen in shock at finding them there more than half a day before the world should have ended.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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