And Then The World Ended

Murder Mystery

Session 3 summary

The party returned to the Horned Gap where they were taken before Princess Faila. Though she chastised them for leaving without reporting in first, she had work that she needed done. The party was told to report to the estate of Naeris Johnson where a lunch party that we being thrown to investigate the murder of one Ander Stormwind who was due to bring artifacts to Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers later that day.

Before reporting to the murder scene the party first stopped in to visit Bookface to deliver the book that he did not yet know he wanted. Fonkin was confused as he had left the party in the library only to find them in the main hall. After some explaining Fonkin took Badgergiest’s Dripping Grimoire volume 4 along with a description of the books he had been researching when the party was initially with him, and promised to accelerate his research down those lanes.

Upon arriving at the Stormwind estate the party conducted a series of interviews with the nobles and merchants who were in attendance at the luncheon along with the staff of the estate who were serving that day and investigated the manor for clues. Their findings were shocking as they indicated that only the party’s host could have committed the murder! Upon confronting Ander Stormwind the noble and his warforged butler unleashed a storm of deadly artificery that might have left the party dead if not for aid from an unexpected source; the tiefling servants from the manor! But once Naeris Johnson was subdued the party discovered that the tiefling sisters had made off with artifacts that were supposed to go to Bookface! Artifacts that had born a resemblance to the archway from the river of the dead and both Ruch’s city gates and the crests on the back wall of the main hall of the palace.


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