And Then The World Ended


Defeating the Highgore army before they could launch their attack on the Horned Gap did not save the world, and the party fell back into the river of souls. The Emissary of the Raven Queen seemed unaware that this was not the party’s first time through, but took them back to the portal behind the waterfall where the party stepped out into the world once again. They quickly journeyed down to find Princess Faila at the Horned Gap to deliver her own letter to her, then up to the city to warn Ander Stormwind of the danger to his life (and to collect the artifacts he had), and then to the castle to give Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers the tome with his notes.

Before they could meet with Bookface, a young woman found the party and identified herself as Jennifer Shepard, Michael’s younger sister. Jenny (along with the young Matthew Baker whom she had been with) told her older brother that the town of refugees their family had resettled in had been attacked by a war-party of monstrous creatures. Jenny indicated that the townsfolk had taken shelter in a fortified cave near the town, but that it was a four day ride back to the town. She also had a torn piece of banner from the attackers that Glimtoggle and Widget recognized from the forces that wiped out Oaktown.

Bookface came to the rescue. Using his notes, notes the party took on the portal behind the waterfall of souls, and a symbol-covered map of the realm found in Badgergeist’s Dripping Grimoire volume 4, Bookface was able to convert the ornate archway at the back of the palace’s great hall into a portal connecting near to Jenny’s town.

The party was able to rescue the townsfolks from a portion of the war-party that had been left behind to finish them off. They now find themselves to be the saviors of the villiage and it is only early afternoon on the first day. Bookface will not open the portal back to Ruch until sunset.


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