And Then The World Ended

To win a war

Having solved the murder of Ander Stormwind, the party was called before Princess Faila again. Thanks to the research material that they had brought Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers the scholar had devised a way to transport people and things through what he called Runes of Gating. Bookface says that normally the connection provided by the Runes would be too tenuous to allow the actual transportation of physical objects (instead it would only normally allow for a kind of scrying to take place), but with a sort of weakening of the fabric of reality has allowed for a stronger connection. These connections require Runes of Gating to be drawn as parts of magic circles to establish portals between nearby locations.

Princess Faila has come up with a plan to use these Runes. While the Princess was still skeptical of the claims that the world itself was going to end, she did believe that some disaster was coming and suspected that since it coincided with Highgore’s attack that invading army had unleased some sort of dark power as part of their assault. The princess planned to stop them before they had a chance to do it. Through an exhaustive ritual Ruch’s mages can connect Runes drawn in their war camp to a tent within the Highgore camp. Once there, the party was told to find several other locations to paint large enough connecting Runes back in safe locations to allow Ruch to pour its forces unexpectedly into the midst of Highgore’s unprepared troops. The party was able to trick and fight their way into drawing the connecting Runes in a stables, a storage tent, and the pantry of a mess hall. To signal that the assault was ready to begin, the party tracked down the location of Highgore’s high command (kept hidden through frequent moves and false command tents throughout the large war camp) and launched signal rockets in there air. The Ruch royal family used these rockets as a beacon to assault Highgore’s generals and officers, breaking the army’s back.

With the day won and Highgore’s army defeated the party returned to the Horned Gap with Princess Faila to watch the sunset. As the sun touched the horizon the sound of grinding and crashing stone echoed around them. The Princess turned to the party and told them they would have to find another way as the world broke apart and crashed into darkness around them.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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