And Then The World Ended

Chasing a Dream

The party set out to track down the troops that had attacked Michael’s family’s town. After traveling for many hours, they made camp for the night and were shortly set upon by a small group from the war-band that was scouting its rear. This scouting party was made up mostly of the kinds of twisted creatures left to besiege the villagers in their cave, but was led by elven monk who recognized Rex. The elf, Sariel, apologized even while fighting the party, which led them to render her unconscious and tie her up for questioning.

When awakened, Sariel told a story of being a prisoner in her own body. Of capture when her monastery was attacked, being forced under the influence of far-realm creatures, and of how the king of Highgore (whose body has been twisted into a wreck of a gateway which the aberrant forces he commands use to enter the world) corrupted of the head of the monastery by into the willing leader of this marauding war-band and master of those controlled by the same parasite as she. Sariel claimed that she had seen an oily parasite ooze its way out of other captives under its control as they were on the brink of death, so proposed that the party nearly kill her in an attempt to free her of its power.

When the party was successful in driving the parasite from Sariel’s body by bleeding her to the edge of death, then healing her back into stability, Sariel proposed a bold plan. Capture a few more monks, free them in the same fashion, then sneak into the war-band’s camp to kill the half-elf head monk, Theren Xiloscient. Sariel believed that this would break the parasite’s control over all the captured people that were forced into the war-band. These captured people made up about half the force, so once freed they would be able to rise up and destroy the twisted creatures that had been willingly pillaging and slaughtering for years.

The attack worked. Once Theren Xiloscient died those who had been under the parasite’s control took up arms. The party joined them in putting down the twisted forces, and in the confusion of battle caught a brief glimpse of familiar two tieflings who fled after recognizing the party in turn.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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