And Then The World Ended

Back in time

Session 2 summary

The party snuck off to Warlock’s Coven Collegiate Institute of Higher Summoning to retrieve Badgergeist’s Dripping Grimoire volume 4 without telling anyone they were going, relying on Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers’ note as their authority for the mission. They arrived late in the evening and found the college littered with dead bodies and suffused with a strong trace of fel magic. There they met Quentin, who after a bit of “mischief” lead them to the library to find their tome, but when they tried to remove the book Quentin revealed himself to be a mysterious scarecrow wearing human skin. The party defeated Quentin and found what remained of the college staff and students tortured and broken in magical circles designed to keep them alive despite their being too far gone for even magical healing, as if Quentin was feeding off their suffering. The party gave those poor souls the release of death and left the school, not wanting to spend the night within its grounds. This leaves the party in possession of the book that Fonkin “Bookface” Timbers won’t know he wants for another day and a half.


Misharum_Kittum Misharum_Kittum

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